New Boards

Well, the gallery boards are all gone. And with the last of those out the door, the $10,000 prices are gone as well. Our new boards run between $1,850 and $2,200 and the wait list is about 12 months.  If you want one, please feel free to email me at

And as always, there will also be Blog and Facebook specials from time to time so stay tuned and you might find just the treat you have been hoping for.

Talk to you soon,

42 Surfboards

All over the world.

We have been selling boards all over the world lately. Something about the dollar being cheaper than ever... But unlike our colleagues throughout the industry, we do our best to bring them to you ourself.

With the new, much lower prices for our boards, we can't do it every time, but whenever we can, we hand deliver our boards to our customers.

Delivering your board ourselves makes it much less likely that Fed-Ex will run a forklift through it (Sorry about that, Chris!) Plus we get to meet you, find out where you surf, and if at all possible, jump in the water for a few sessions together.

Reason 94 that we are wierder that everybody else.

Drop us a line at and we'll figure out the details.

Lars and the 42 Crew

What you get when you buy a 42 Surfboard?

Deep authenticity. Tradition. Beauty. Style. You get a classic surfboard made from the same materials that surfboards have been made from for thousands of years.

Make no mistake though, these are not cheap plastic toys. If you are looking for something to hack around on in the shorebreak, you should go buy a foam and plastic board. If you are a real surfer, looking for a real wood board, for real waves, you are in the right place. If you are looking for something with a little more soul than a chunk of foam and plastic to enjoy your time in the ocean on, welcome to our woodshop!

But whether you are appreciating the art that we have sculpted from our own wood or are taking it one step further and are laying down your own artistic lines on some abandoned point, you know what you are doing.

Now your neighbor who buys art from the McGallery down the street, I can't promise that he will understand what we are doing. Then again, who cares?

You know what you are looking for. And we know what we are doing.

We build some of the nicest classic wood boards in the world. If that is what you are after, drop us a line.

Lars and the 42 Crew
42 Surfboards


Ordering from 42

Drop us a line at, be nice, and let us know what you are looking for.
We'll figure out exactly what you need and see if we have one on the rack for you.
For clothing or other things from the 42 woodshop, just drop us a line and we'll clear up all of the details with you and get you what you need as quick as possible.

Lars and the 42 Crew